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Next.js resources

Guides, plugins, and other resources for Next.js – the popular React-based JavaScript framework made by Vercel.

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The official Preview toolkit for Sanity

Official(made by Sanity team)

Toolkit for building live-as-you-type content preview experiences and visual editing.

Cody Olsen
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The official Sanity toolkit for Next.js

Official(made by Sanity team)

Toolkit for integrating content from Sanity, including previews, Studio embedding, webhook verification, and more

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Sanity Seo Plugin

The sanity-plugin-seo Plugin is designed to simplify the process of generating SEO fields for various types of content.

Bhargav Patel
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Inbox Tool

View and manage form submissions from your website inside a Studio Tool.

James Rea
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Clean Next.js + Sanity app

Official(made by Sanity team)

A clean example of Next.js with embedded Sanity ready for recomposition.

Cody Olsen
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Agency Starter Framework

A Wordpress like experience using Sanity & NextJS, kickstart marketing websites with all the features marketers expect.

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Sanity Helper Functions

The SanityPress starter template includes utility helper functions for working with the Sanity Studio structure.

This is an external link at:sanitypress.dev
Mitchell Christ
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Managing redirects with Sanity

Official(made by Sanity team)

How to use Sanity to control redirects in your JavaScript framework of choice.

Chris LaRocque
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Ultimate Sanity SEO best practices

A whole bunch of SEO best practices we've worked on in-house. Some set and forget, others more involved

This is an external link at:roboto.studio
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219 Next projects made with Sanity

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Cabalar Meat Co.

Crafting a new digital home and experience for the best burger spot in town.

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Jennifer Fisher

We helped Jennifer Fisher, a Shopify Plus jewelry and lifestyle brand, double their conversion rate by building a fast and fully self-managed online store.

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Roboto Studio

Old faithful, but built in the app router. Testing out the latest and greatest features on our own website, now, with added purple.

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Fresco Cooks

Fresco Cooks make software for smart appliances

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Jamstack Explorers

Jamstack Explorers is a free learning platform created by the team at Netlify to chart a course through the amazing offerings in the Jamstack ecosystem

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Check out these plugins, guides, projects, and starters for Next.js, an industry-leading framework for React. Next enables both client-side and server-side rendering, dynamic page routing, serverless API routes, and provides an excellent developer experience. Paired with Sanity, it makes for an ideal Jamstack framework. The Sanity community has tutorials and example projects to inspire your latest Next.js creation, as well as helpful plugins to take your project to the next level and zero-config starters to get you up and running in a matter of moments.

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