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VueJS resources

Guides, plugins and other developer resources for VueJS - the popular open source Javascript framework.

2 Vue tools

Portable Text to Vue

A Vue component for rendering block content. Allows you to pass other Vue components as custom serializers.

ʞunp ʇɹǝdnɹ
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2 Vue starters

Events with Nuxt.JS

Official(made by Sanity team)

A data-driven conference website in Vue.js. Speakers, sessions, and scheduling.

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Blog with Gridsome

Official(made by Sanity team)

The official Gridsome blog starter with structured content from

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5 Vue guides

Headless CMS: Building Apps with Nuxt and Sanity

This article explains what Sanity is all about and how to build a simple books list app. Sanity CMS stores our content, which will be editable in Sanity Studio. We will make this app with Nuxt and style it using pure CSS.

Olawanle Joel
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How to Create a Progressive Web Application with Vue and Sanity

In this article, you will learn how to build a simple web application with Vue.js, query your data from Sanity, and make it a Progressive Web Application (PWA) by installing the PWA plugin. In making it a PWA, the app will be able to be installed on mobile phones.

Olawanle Joel
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Power your Vue.js apps with a CMS

In this article, we explore how to build a CMS-powered blog with Vue.js. Our content will be stored in Sanity's data store and will be editable in the Sanity Studio.

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8 Vue projects made with Sanity

Bright Notion

DOM-as-audio-visualiser for an independent music publisher

Simon Rogers
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Self-Evident Education

Self-Evident Education creates engaging, interactive videos and curriculum materials for learning about the history of race, racism, and resistance in the United States.

Joe Bacal
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VueJS is an approachable, open source Javascript framework for use in building user interfaces. Vue is designed to be incrementally adoptable, which grants a great deal of flexibility for a developer that want to build a streamlined project. Check out our projects, guides, plugins, starters, and other resources for VueJS and its accompanying frameworks such as NuxtJS and Gridsome. Sanity studio is designed to be platform-agnostic in the way it delivers content to your frontend, so you can easily migrate to VueJS from another framework (or simply test it out!) with minimal configuration of your backend.

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