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Advatek ecommerce website

By Todd Padwick

Showcasing world-class LED lighting control with Sanity, BigCommerce and NuxtJS

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About the project

Look behind some of the world’s best-known and most spectacular shows, installations, exhibitions and events, and the chances are you’ll find an Advatek product driving the magic. Renowned for their reliable, well-built LED controllers, Advatek's flagship products are the high-end choice for professional lighting production companies worldwide. But what many people didn't know was they also sell economy products to hobbyists and home installers.

So the problem Advatek faced was: how do you introduce a range of secondary economy products to a new audience, without compromising their relationship with their existing supporters? This was where Function & Form came in. Our task was to design and build a new website which catered to both markets.

Technically speaking the solution we designed is composed of a NuxtJS progressive web app for the front-end experience, Sanity CMS for content management, and BigCommerce for its eCommerce component.


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