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A powerful front-end framework. An equally powerful API.

Build a fast, performant web page, app, or SPA with Vue.js and Sanity. Enjoy a modular approach to development on both frontend and backend with Vue.js's plugin-based architecture and Sanity's DX-first, customizable headless CMS.

  • Turn Portable Text to a Vue template in record time
    With Sanity's extensible data layer, craft rich text into reactive HTML with ease

  • API-first, DX-friendly
    Make use of Vue's natural, developer-friendly syntax with Sanity's equally smooth backend

From portable text to HTML templates in the blink of an eye.

Let your backend be a Content Lake of endless possibility, while your Vue.js frontend renders your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Query your content in GraphQL or GROQ and enjoy unrivaled speed, flexibility, and modularity.

For headless CMS I’m fairly obsessed with @sanity_io. Haven’t found anything I don’t like about it.

Single page Node.js applications, no headaches.

Check out this tutorial to learn how to build a SPA Vue.js application with Vue.js (or Nuxt.js!) and Sanity. Or ease your way in and build a blog. Enjoy modern web architectures in all their splendor.

Open source from front to back.

Getting started with Sanity is as simple as npm install -g sanity && sanity init. Take a quick look at the docs, define a schema, and deploy your studio. Or open your Sanity instance and you'll be greeted with a high performance content management system. That's all it takes.

Powering exceptional digital experiences everywhere

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A lighting-fast CDN takes your content anywhere in the world.

Deploy your Vue app to Netlify, Vercel, or other JAMstack friendly platforms and push a rebuild of your site from your Sanity dashboard. Perfect for e-commerce, static site generation, and other content-rich projects.

The most extensible rich text format in the world, straight into Vue.

Portable Text sends a fully extensible data layer on top of your content, serialized straight from JSON into Vue components. With it, content can be presented as a device-agnostic, infinitely customizable dataset, served to an arbitrary number of front ends.

Get started with Vue and Sanity right away

Events with Nuxt.js
Data-driven conference website in Vue.js. Speakers, sessions, and scheduling.
Blog with Gridsome
Fully customizable blog template with a Vue.js front-end.