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A CMS for a mobile world.

Write, edit, and collaborate in real-time via your iOS or Android mobile device with Sanity's responsive, mobile-friendly CMS.

  • Fully responsive SPA
    Do anything you can do on your browser, in style, on your mobile device.

  • Custom editorial workflows
    Edit, proof, and assign content to anywhere on your pipeline from your phone.

  • Work with device-agnostic content
    With a completely decoupled headless CMS, your data store is the same for websites, native apps, and anywhere else.

Looks like @sanity_io has the best mobile UX out of all the CMS I have tried.

Works on your phone, tablet, and many other touch devices.

Dream big with the fastest, and most flexible content backend for Android and iOS apps.

Updates take place in real-time across a fully managed, cloud-hosted database. See marketing copy written on a laptop in NYC from a smartphone in Singapore instantaneously. Manage SEO, internationalization, asset storage, and deployment, all on the same open source backend. No hassle, zero config.

A powerful backend for Australia's second largest health insurer

ahm needed a sustainable way to manage content across two React apps. They turned to Sanity for a decoupled solution. Results included improved customer experience, better sales performance, and content management capabilities for business users.

Continually amazed by the power and flexibility of @sanity_io. I've used most of its competitors, and it's far-and-away the best product 🏆

Deploy and start creating content on mobile in minutes

Portfolio with Gatsby
Clean React.js starting point for portfolios, project listings or case studies.
Landing pages with Next.js
SEO friendly page builder in React.js. Heroes, sign-up forms and calls to action.
HULL - Headless Shopify starter built on Next.js

Powering exceptional digital experiences everywhere

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A better approach to managing headless CMS content.

From e-commerce to news, managing content on any front-end is simple with Sanity's robust mobile application. Notice a typo when you're riding the subway? Fix it immediately on your phone or tablet and deploy the changes with a tap of your finger! Publish from your iPhone to your website, native app or any other front-end, faster than ever before.

It's a user experience you have to try to believe.

Open source. Flexible pricing.

Enjoy cross-platform content delivery for free to start, with scalable pay-as-you-go pricing.

Demand more from your mobile content management system and deliver more flexible, structured content anywhere there's a digital device.

A rich plugins ecosystem

Find integrations for any app providers thanks to Sanity's vibrant community. Reach more marketplaces faster with an extensible API-first platform, perfect for your Android or iOS mobile app. Enjoy the latest in CMS solutions on a fully-featured, mobile-first content platform.

An API-first content management system makes mobile deployment a breeze.

Give your mobile app an unlimited range of potential functionality. Not only will your marketing team write their copy on the go, your product can arrive to any app store without any significant change to your backend. It's a mobile CMS of the future.

Get started for free

Free to start, only costs when you scale. Deploy your headless CMS today.