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Guides, plugins, and other resources for NuxtJS – the popular Vue-based Javascript framework.

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Events with Nuxt.JS

Official(made by Sanity team)

A data-driven conference website in Vue.js. Speakers, sessions, and scheduling.

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Books Note

A simple Nuxt app that allows you to jot notes you learn from a book as you read.

Olawanle Joel
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Portfolio for designer/journalist Thea Urdal

Elise Jakobsen
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Tierra Store

An eco-friendly, natural & handmade homeware store

Jack Marks-Thomas
Go to Tierra Store is the digital marketplace for discoverers and connoisseurs and promotes direct encounters between winemakers and wine lovers.

Bartosz Podlewski
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NuxtJS is an intuitive framework for Vue used to build both server-side and statically-generated websites and applications. The latest edition, for use with Vue 3, provides a cutting-edge solution for JAMstack projects along with a plush developer experience, ready to be integrated with Sanity studio for rich, structured content. Check out these projects, guides, and tools from the Sanity community to help take your NuxtJS skills to the next level and find some inspiration from projects that others in the community have made.

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