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Choosing the right Sanity CMS Agency

We try and help by breaking down important aspects to look for when choosing an agency for building a Sanity CMS powered website/webapp.

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Headless CMS: Building Apps with Nuxt and Sanity

This article explains what Sanity is all about and how to build a simple books list app. Sanity CMS stores our content, which will be editable in Sanity Studio. We will make this app with Nuxt and style it using pure CSS.

Olawanle Joel
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19 Nuxt projects made with Sanity

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Bright Notion

DOM-as-audio-visualiser for an independent music publisher

Simon Rogers
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Madeleine Rome

A French-inspired bistro, as charming as the old Parisian brasseries, welcoming and cared for down to the smallest detail, as only an Italian place can be.

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Stefano Falconi Studio

Website portfolio made for Stefano Falconi indipendent studio. Designed by Stefano Falconi Studio.

Minh Khoi Riccardo Nguyen
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KYEO was an information platform made during the pandemic of COVID-19 to support #stopasianhate through news, information and testimonials.

Minh Khoi Riccardo Nguyen
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NuxtJS is an intuitive framework for Vue used to build both server-side and statically-generated websites and applications. The latest edition, for use with Vue 3, provides a cutting-edge solution for JAMstack projects along with a plush developer experience, ready to be integrated with Sanity studio for rich, structured content. Check out these projects, guides, and tools from the Sanity community to help take your NuxtJS skills to the next level and find some inspiration from projects that others in the community have made.

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