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Aaron Bentley

Developer, Husband, Dad, 2 cats, Halo veteran, Mac aficionado, evangelist of all things awesome and lover of #️⃣ & 🥓.

Aaron is located at Isle of Wight, UK
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Ahmad Awais ⚡

Google Developers Expert DevRel · Director Developer Relations · GitHub Star Open Sourcerer · Node.js Outreach Lead · WordPress Core Dev

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Ali Atlasi

TV Producer, Hobby Developer, ObjC and Swift, Finding Sanity enjoyable. Skydiver and Amateur Pilot. Wanna be Sailor

Ali is located at London / UK
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Espen Klem

Interaction Designer at Knowit. Tinkering with search in the browser. Interested in human beings and technology.

Espen is located at Oslo, Norway
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Joe Race

Full-Stack Developer passionate about building websites and applications that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives

Joe is located at UK
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Kim Fransman

Father, Golf-nerd^2, Tech Director and starter of too many unfinished sideprojects

Kim is located at Stockholm, Sweden
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Marc Fehr

Full stack web developer based in Muizenberg, Cape Town

Marc is located at Muizenberg, Cape Town, South AFrica
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Nikita Kakuev

Software Developer 💻 Front-end • Python 🐍 • Serverless ⚡ • JAMStack • ☁️ AWS, GCP

Nikita is located at London 🇬🇧
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Rafa Garcia-Lepper

Proud father and husband. Skateboarder. Music listener. Dog lover. Mountain biker. Software craftsman

Rafa is located at Bournemouth, UK
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Rafal Cichon

Front-end web developer at Inventive Software LLC

Rafal is located at Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, United States
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Rein Undheim

Soon-to-be fulltime developer after finishing my B.Sc in Cognitive Science

Rein is located at Bergen, Norway
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Roy Anger

Full Stack Developer working with React and Node from Toronto, ON

Roy is located at Toronto, ON
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