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Profile page of Johan Petrikovsky

Johan's headline: Front developer passionate about SSG

Johan's website:
Johan's location: Toulouse
Joined: February 2021
Johan's job title: Front-end developer
Johan's company: Sigfox
Johan is Available for work

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Johan Petrikovsky
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Johan Petrikovsky
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Web Developer in Toulouse
Holder of a B.T.S. in computer science, I quickly became a freelance web developer. Today it's a job I've been practicing with passion for 8 years now. As a freelance developer I bring my knowledge and skills to companies to help them satisfy their customers' needs.
Digital craftsman, for 8 years I have been helping companies in their development on the internet.
For 8 years I have been collaborating with small and medium-sized businesses and communication agencies. Thus I intervened on more than fifty projects and web applications. My field of competence as a web developer is wide, I could intervene in various sectors, the creation of showcase site, the creation of e-commerce site, creation of web applications.