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Bring unparalleled agility and collaboration to your culinary experience, enabling you to craft extraordinary digital experiences across all touchpoints with ease.

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Sanity is ranked #1 out of 85 CMSes on G2

G2.com, the world's largest marketplace for software, has rated Sanity as the #1 leader in the Headless CMS category, as measured by customer review ratings and market presence

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How RBI uses Sanity to power content for 20 million users

The parent company of Burger King, Popeye's, Tim Horton's, and Firehouse Subs needed a solution that would enable teams across different regions and brands to deploy their own content.

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Sanity is a perfect mix of ease to use paired with the ability to customize almost anything you want.

Wes Bos · Javascript developer + Syntax.FM host

Trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies

Restaurant chain ready


Whether updating the menu, promotional offers, or blog posts, changes are reflected instantly across platforms, ensuring your restaurant's website and apps are always up-to-date.


You have the freedom to create custom content models that perfectly fit the unique needs of your restaurant business - from menus to event calendars and special promotions - in a way that's intuitive and efficient.


Whether you're managing a national or a global chain of restaurants, Sanity. delivers fast, reliable performance even under heavy traffic, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Rich content

You can easily add images, videos, and links to you content, making menus and promotional materials more appealing to potential customers.

A portrait of Pavan Podila

Success is about simplicity—for Tata, that’s the ability to manage content across brands in a unified seamless direct manner without having to jump through multiple hoops. And, to do it in a way so that a small team can manage big things.

Pavan Podila · Chief Software Architect at Tata Digital

Sanity unlocks content velocity for your entire team

Deliver vibrant content - without slowing your site

Lightning-fast site speed meets the fast-paced dining world. Our integrated asset CDN expertly optimizes your menus, images, and promotional videos for swift loading, ensuring your culinary delights capture attention instantly. Tailor your digital experience using your favorite modern frameworks, including Hydrogen, Next.js, Gatsby.js, and Nuxt.js, to seamlessly blend with your enterprise-grade tech stack.

Accelerate content workflows with AI

Customize workflows so content teams move fast and work together seamlessly during launches or holiday sales. With real-time collaboration, they can work in the same document without clashing or getting locked out. Use Sanity AI Assist to eliminate repetitive chores like writing meta descriptions or alternative titles.

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Graphic displaying an example editorial workflow for a spring cleaning sale

Unleash your ideas. Ship with confidence and speed.

Give your teams editing experiences as joyful as the content they create. Customized to support any content type or workflow. Pre-loaded with visual editing tools that understand content reuse.

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With Sanity, we can tailor the open-source Studio to meet our content production needs and delight our site visitors, and at the same time, use their Content Lake to host our content. We love the agility and “no-ops happy meal” that Sanity brings to the table. It’s a genius approach.

Chad Alderson · Head of Marketing Design & Engineering @ Datastax

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