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Eleventy Framework

Templates, plugins, and other resources for Eleventy – the simpler static site generator. Build performant Jamstack sites with HTML and CSS or your preferred templating language. Deploy via GitHub in minutes.

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Blog with Eleventy

Official(made by Sanity team)

A simple blog starter with an Eleventy front-end.

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Looking for a simpler static site generator? Eleventy is a popular, user-friendly SSG built in vanilla Javascript that provides a great deal of flexibility and customization to anyone wishing to build a website. With Eleventy, you can enjoy a wide variety of templating languages and a framework-less, future-proof application. Combine Eleventy's simplicity and flexibility with Sanity's super-charged content management and enjoy a wondrous developer experience. Check out these guides, plugins, starters, and example projects to get your latest Eleventy project shipped.

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