Community contributions

Webhooks Tool
- Tool

A tool that lists your Sanity webhooks and displays their events along with status, duration and response.

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14islands V4
- Made with Sanity

We are a creative design and technology studio crafting lovable products, brands, and experiences.

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Henrik Larsson
- Made with Sanity

Henrik's personal digital space, created with Sanity & Next.js.

Henrik Larsson
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Fully Functional Blog: Series, Snippets, Articles, Tags, Categories, Multi-Authors with v3 and Next.js v13.4
- Template

Streamline your blogging journey with our ready-to-use platform. Powered by Next.js v13.4, TypeScript, Tailwind, and v3, it offers advanced schema features for tags, categories, series, and multi-author support. Start your blog hassle-free!

Syeda Maham Fahim
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Portable Text Mock Content
- Schema

If you're looking to mockup portable text in Storybook without a Sanity backend, this is the schema you're looking for

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Sanity Icon Manager
- Tool

A Sanity plugin for selecting, customizing and managing icons. Powered by Iconify

William Iommi
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Sanity Iconify
- Tool

Icon picker with over 150,000 open source vector icons

Wannes Salomé
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Mermaid Charts Input
- Tool

Mermaid chart Input with sanity v3 support. Mermaid lets you create diagrams and visualizations using text and code to your sanity studio as an input.

Andre Clark
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Naix Jewelry
- Made with Sanity

Imperfection is the perfection to a beautiful perspective. Elevate your style with our exquisite pearl jewelry collection.

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Ben Flesch
- Made with Sanity

Portfolio Website for Ben Flesch, a composer, multi-instrumentalist and concept artist working in music production, film, and audio visual installation.

Nicole Dominguez
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Viv! Christmas
- Made with Sanity

Headless Shopify powered with Hydrogen and Sanity

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Sanity Generator
- Tool

An schema first GROQ query generator with custom type resolver.

Niklas May
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- Tool

A plugin to add a GraphiQL playground to your Sanity Studio

Romeo Van Snick
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Songserm Ferries
- Made with Sanity

With extensive experience as the first ferry operator in the Gulf of Thailand, Songserm has earned a reputation as the top choice for backpackers seeking reliable, convenient, and affordable travel.

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