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Community contributions

Symbol Audio
- Made with Sanity

Handcrafted Audio Furniture For The Modern World

Camp Quiet
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OG Image generator
- Tool

Allow editors to generate OG:image inside of Sanity

Katerina Baliasnikova
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Oslo Vegetarfestival
- Made with Sanity

Welcome to a weekend packed with the best plant-based food, exciting talks, inspiring cooking classes and a legendary atmosphere.

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- Made with Sanity

A refreshed digital experience for the rebranding of nTop and launch of their new product.

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Guidepost Montessori
- Made with Sanity

We use Sanity to support a growing network of Montessori schools across the world.

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Dwell House
- Made with Sanity

The Dwell House is a 540-square-foot, one-bedroom ADU that fits in most backyards.

Camp Quiet
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Sanity Lighthouse
- Tool

The Sanity Lighthouse Plugin seamlessly integrates Google PageSpeed Insights into your SanityCMS workflow, providing comprehensive performance analysis. Generate reports, monitor performance, and optimize your website for faster load times and improved user experience, all within your existing development process. It's a developer-friendly tool that streamlines performance testing and optimization for your SanityCMS-powered website.

Halo lab
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- Tool

Deploy and view history of multiple Netlify sites directly inside your Sanity Studio.

Jarrett Lusso
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Atma - Street artist
- Made with Sanity

Portfolio of Atma, a London based artist painting big walls.

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Weighted Array Input
- Tool

A slider component to add weighting to any Sanity array. Perfect for A/B tests.

George Butter
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metamanager SEO plugin
- Tool

A SEO plugin to enable better control of HTML meta tags and schema markup deployment.

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Redshirt Sports
- Made with Sanity

College Football Sports News Website

James Singleton
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How to dynamically create a sitemap with Sanity and Remix
- Guide

In this article we explain how we use Sanity and Remix to dynamically create sitemaps. The example used is from Heavybit, a developer tools VC in San Francisco.

This is an external link
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Copy/paste Plugin
- Tool

With this plugin, you can finally copy/paste referenced blocks in array type of fields in Sanity Studio.

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