Community contributions

- Made with Sanity

Craft a unique online experience that is reflective of the fun and uniqueness of this child focused reusable, compostable, refillable brand.

Kevin Green
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Sanity Studio Smartling
- Tool

An in-studio tool to send off and retrieve translations from Smartling

Carolina Gonzalez
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Migration: Tool & Document Action
- Tool

Empower content editors to migrate Documents and Assets between Sanity Datasets from inside Sanity Studio.

Simeon Griggs
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Darkhose Agency
- Made with Sanity

Company profile build with Sanity & NuxtJs

Bayu Adi Wibowo
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illuminem (Energy News Aggregator)
- Made with Sanity

illuminem is an energy news aggregator that curates the latest headlines from media outlets like The Financial Times and Bloomberg. It was designed and built by Tinloof, a Berlin-based product agency.

Omar Benseddik
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Anybody Walking
- Made with Sanity

This is a database of events for the Underground Ball Community

Terrell Singleton
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Vimeo Browser
- Tool

Disclaimer: This plugin is very WIP and its API might change in the future. The UI is not finished yet. A plugin to browse, select and upload vimeo videos directly from the Sanity studio.

Jesper Paulsen
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