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From Condé Nast to National Geographic, top companies trust Sanity to manage their content.

Build anything you can imagine with Sanity's lightspeed, API-first approach to content management.

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Scalable asset management done right

Handle tens of thousands of images with confidence, like Condé Nast UK's Love Magazine. Learn how they built a custom asset plugin to handle their image-heavy publication and install it on your own back end in seconds.

  • Smarter image pipelines
    Manipulate your images from a URL scheme. Write rich queries for image metadata with GROQ, Sanity's in-house query language.

  • Does your rich text have a data layer?
    Use Sanity's Portable Text to annotate your writing with an entire data structure.

  • Write once, deliver to any front end
    As a fully decoupled content management system, you can publish the same article in print, browser, and native app without even touching your back end.

Engagement. More ways than ever before.

Use rich content models along with algorithmic editorial strategies to automatically rank content for display.

Want to add an ecommerce store to your editorial? There's a starter for that. Leverage Next.js and BigCommerce to enjoy rich content, embedded calls to purchasing action, and international routing out of the box.

Optimize SEO with custom input components baked directly into the content management system.

Let your imagination run wild

Dreaming of a content model no one's ever seen before?

Build it on a lunch break with a hosted, state of the art React back end.

See how Bryan Robinson created a static-first madlib generator with Sanity and Netlify and make your own fiction generator in an afternoon.

Work alongside a supportive community

Sanity's active Slack channel, plus its growing library of plugins, snippets, starters, and guides, helps ensure you'll never have to go it completely alone.

  • Start free, work up to Fortune 500.
    Code an online magazine for you and your friends with a generous free tier. Or dazzle the enterprise set with an ultra-performant back end. The choice is yours.

  • A flourishing plugin ecosystem
    Find a host of solutions in the Sanity's community plugins, or code one your own with help available on the Slack.

  • Stay on top of what's new
    Subscribe to Sanity's Community Digest to see what designers and developers the world over have been creating.

  • Guest authors from every corner of the globe
    Don't know your markdown from your markup? Learn modern web development on a cutting-edge platform with our community guest author guides.

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Blog with Gatsby
Fully customizable blog template with a React.js front-end.
Blog with Gridsome
Fully customizable blog template with a Vue.js front-end.
Landing pages with Next.js
SEO friendly page builder in React.js. Heroes, sign-up forms and calls to action.

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