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React Content Management System

The fastest, most flexible React CMS

Sanity is an open-source API-based CMS built with React.js.

With Sanity you can define your own content models in JavaScript and customize the editing interface with your own React.js components.

It's the fastest and most flexible way to manage and deliver content to digital devices and products.

npm install -g @sanity/clisanity init
  • React from front to back

    Manage all your code with the same JS framework and component-based way of thinking. Plays well with popular frontend frameworks like Gatsby and Next.

  • Custom editing experiences

    Bring your own custom React components to our open-source editing environment. Shape workflows in ways that work best for your team.

  • Powerful APIs & query languages

    Read, write, and patch in real-time with the most powerful and flexible APIs of any headless CMS. Query documents with GraphQL and GROQ.

Powering exceptional digital experiences everywhere

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Started using @sanity_io for a friend's startup project. As I am using react components. Loving it! It allows developers to define a simple schema for content that is easily deployed using command line interface #cms #reactjs #sanity_io

Custom editing interfaces

With Sanity Studio you can build content infrastructure that provides immediate value while providing a clean and intuitive interface for your editors.

It can be configured in minutes and offers free-form customization with your own React components. The interface is fully responsive – so you can edit and manage content on-the-fly from your phone.

Powerful APIs and query languages

Sanity offers the most flexible and powerful APIs of any Content Management System. They're not only great at reading, writing, and patching, but they let you do it in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about document locking and race conditions.

Query documents with the popular GraphQL, or our very own GROQ: which lets you get exactly what you need, in any way or form you need it.

No maintenance or overhead costs

You don’t need to know how to manage database clusters or scale global infrastructures to work properly with structured content. We take care of it for you, and offer a fully managed, reliable & compliant, cloud-hosted database for your content.

React developers love working with Sanity:

  • “’s just SO easy. I made both the site and CMS in about half a day total. Modeled the ThemeUI and content schema in GraphQL SDL, wrote the custom bits for the editor in React, and barely had to anything on the Gatsby side. I don’t know how the DX could be much better!?”


  • “I’m loving Sanity. Tried several others SaaS CMS providers and didn’t find any that offered the level of data modeling that Sanity provides.  On top of that - with Sanity your content editor is a react app that you can fully customize.”


  • “The CMS is made with react and it’s open source so you can extend/tweak it unlike competitors like Contentful. Content modeling is flexible and powerful. It has a generous free tier and after that you pay only what extra you need.“


Full-stack React starter projects

Get your ideas on Netlify within minutes. Our popular starters give you with a customizable React CMS combined with popular frontend frameworks like Gatsby and Next.

Kitchen Sink Studio
Our ever-evolving feature-rich demonstration studio.
Blog with Gatsby
Fully customizable blog template with a React.js front-end.
Landing pages with Next.js
SEO friendly page builder in React.js. Heroes, sign-up forms and calls to action.

Build your own React CMS

To get started in minutes, try Sanity’s fully customizable blog template. It comes with a fully configured Sanity Studio and a best-practice react cms frontend made with the popular framweork: Gatsby.

Or dive deeper with our step-by-step Sanity + Next.JS tutorial. It shows you how to:

  1. start out with Sanity 
  2. configure the React editor with JavaScript
  3. query content via our APIs
  4. render web pages with the Next.JS framework

If you'd prefer to configure your own React CMS from scratch, install the Sanity CLI:

npm install -g @sanity/cli && sanity init

The benefits of using a React-based Headless CMS

Better developer experience

Recent advances in component-based Javascript frameworks have improved developer workflows and satisfaction. React.JS is the most popular JS framework with the broadest ecosystem.

Real-time collaboration

Our dynamic React-based editing environment is fully real-time; every keystroke is stored and shared in an instant. It also tracks changes, retains a detailed history, and offers one-click restores.

Respond to editor needs

You have the freedom to structure Sanity Studio however you like. Use React patterns to group content types in meaningful ways, hide the stuff you don’t use every day, combine rich document list-views from any field, and brand the studio in your own image.

Reuse content across multiple channels

You don’t have to get by with managing content in different places. We provide scalable storage, flexible APIs, and best-in-class tools for structuring content so you can build exactly what you need, then fetch and query it for any channel you like.

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Open source

The Sanity Studio ships as an open-source single page React app. Install plugins from npm or build your own. You can also integrate Sanity in your own applications.

Easily combine rich-text with data

Sanity treats your content as data, and data as content. There’s no HTML, just JSON from beginning to end. Add semantic metadata to any field, annotate any text or inline object, and access everything from an edge-cached global CDN.

Enhance content through third-party APIs

You can connect Sanity with API-based 3rd party services for better content workflows. Send content back and forth between services places like Slack and Hubspot to get more done and reduce management tasks.

Iterate faster

Sanity’s flexible modeling and UI customization capabilities let you iterate quickly and evolve as you go. So you can reduce your time to market and work with content from day one.

Serve content from a global CDN

Your content lives on a fully-managed data store hosted in the cloud and a global asset CDN. So you can focus on building great content and experiences instead of worrying about servers, space and bandwidth.

After playing around with different #JAMstack combos, #headlessCMS, SSGs for @react, etc... I think I've finally landed on my ultimate, seamless, buzzworded, undefeatable ultra stack: @sanity_io (cms) + #createreactapp (just react😍) + #reactsnap (ssr) + @Netlify (prerendering).

Sanity: more than a headless CMS

How Sanity’s react-based content platform offers more than other traditional and headless CMS alternatives.

Sanity’s features go beyond the offerings of popular headless CMSes, and the older monolithic CMSes on the market. Here’s why:

  • You get real-time collaborative editing out of the box
  • Content structures are truly flexible
  • Rich text content is HTML-free. We’re the only platform that treats content as data.
  • You get a fully open-sourced and standalone editor built in React
  • You get a full API-suite with the same backend capabilities as Sanity Studio

Sanity is a perfect fit for teams that need a way to manage content alongside legacy in-house systems, serverless AI content augmenting services, and digital products of any kind.

Try Sanity React.js CMS

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