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Gatsby CMS

Need a headless CMS to play nice with Gatsby.js? Look no further. Sanity is a headless CMS that integrates seamlessly with Gatsby.js. Brands use Sanity to build Gatsby websites with real-time previews in minutes.

CMS Editor Interface

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I feel like I'm cheating when I use Config is so customizable and feels truly unlimited. No limit on 'instance' or 'install' type parameters. Just plugable schemas. Feels great, especially with @gatsbyjs.

Blazing Fast Development

Quickly get started with designing the frontend UI without waiting for developers to integrate Gatsby.js with Sanity. The Sanity Gatsby Source Plugin has minimal configuration requirements before all of your content is available via GraphQL from your Gatsby site, so integration times are significantly reduced. Frontend developers can work with the familiar GraphQL query language to rapidly build content-rich Gatsby sites.

Real-time Previews

See live previews of your Gatsby site with the Sanity Gatsby Source Plugin. The plugin integrates Gatsby Preview — a real-time preview capability for static sites — with the Sanity real-time API to instantly rebuild whenever content changes. That means there’s no need to guess what your site will look like in production, and marketers can focus on crafting compelling customer experiences.

Intuitive Content Management

Empower non-technical users to manage content. The Sanity Studio makes it straightforward for marketers to create and publish content to a Gatsby site without any technical knowledge. Users can collaborate in real-time from a clean and intuitive editing interface from a variety of devices. There’s no limitation on how your developers customize Sanity Studio, so it can be completely tailored to the needs of marketers and content authors.

Why Sanity Is The Best CMS For Gatsby

  • Faster time to market with streamlined Gatsby integration
  • Live previews with the Sanity Gatsby Source Plugin
  • Work on content models, content, and UI design in parallel
  • Intuitive publishing for content authors using Sanity Studio
  • Sanity Studio is completely customizable to meet user requirements
  • Easily build content-driven Gatsby sites using GraphQL integration
  • Great developer experience with familiar tools like GraphQL, Netlify, and more

Try Sanity: The CMS For Gatsby

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