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Sanity Content Lake

Freedom to innovate starts with setting your back end free

Say yes to your best ideas with a truly decoupled, fully customizable CMS back end. Connect any tool, create any content type without vendor-imposed constraints—you set the rules here, not us.

Centralize content and context

Maximize reuse and consistency with a single source of truth rich with context from all data sources. Minimize complexity across your mature and evolving tech stack.

Ready for today and tomorrow

Future-proof with a composable stack of the best solutions to meet your needs. Adapt easily as your business evolves without being forced into full rebuilds or clunky stop-gaps.

Move fast with confidence

Give editors autonomy to manage content without developer intervention. From unlimited content types to custom validations, configure it up front, don’t worry about it later.

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It's incredibly easy to push data into Sanity Content Lake from outbound systems. With the Sanity API, I'm not making 10,000 calls to update 10,000 items. I'm making one API call and the whole dataset is updated.

Kevin Harwood · CTO at Tecovas

Database powers for structured content

Code-optimized data pipelines

Pull, reshape, and send data to any context at any scale with a single API call—made possible by our API-first platform offering unmatched querying power.

Schemaless JSON datastore

Unlike other CMSes, Sanity is unopinionated about the data model. Ingest any data source freely and create unlimited content types without predefined schemas.

No-ops storage and delivery

Get a fully-managed, cloud-hosted back end equipped with an asset pipeline, a global CDN, and edge caching. Focus on what matters, we’ll take care of the ops.


Pull in any data, send it anywhere

If it has an API, it integrates with Content Lake—from popular front-end frameworks to data sources like your PIM, ERM, or e-commerce platform.

Unlike other CMSes, Content Lake makes data flow, in and out, a breeze. With its schemaless design, you can ingest any schema and absorb the real-world messiness of third party and homegrown sources.

Feed any JSON document into Content Lake, and it’ll be instantly queryable—allowing you to work iteratively, rather than waste time on premature data transformations.

Data flow of Content Lake

Single source of truth

Create once, reuse everywhere

Unlike any other back end, Content Lake aggregates data in real-time—from external sources to editor keystrokes—ensuring everyone sees the latest version while preventing data conflicts.

  • Project every display from a uniform structured content layer
  • Reuse, mix, and match content for different contexts, while keeping every touchpoint in sync
  • No matter the channel, region, or device—deliver on-brand, up-to-date content
Single source of truth

Unconstrained content modeling

Express the richness your content

With unlimited content types and freedom to create nuanced relationships between them, express the real-world meaning and connections across your content.

Build and scale content models easily with schemas as code, rather than slow, UI-based schema creation.

Customize to every business requirement, rather than compromising with a one-size-fits-no-one CMS that limits you to fixed content types.

  • Unlimited content types at no additional cost
  • Nested objects for efficient content modeling and retrieval
  • Referential integrity out-of-the-box
Content model

Precise querying

Serve front-end requests rapidly

Sanity’s open source query language, GROQ makes it easy for developers to send the exact data for every front-end request—no more, no less—and even transform data into the right format on the fly, without altering the back end.

Unlike traditional data retrieval, GROQ lets you tailor your queries exactly to fit the front-end context for optimal rendering. From filtering to projecting to merging, just describe what you need, and GROQ will fetch it.

  • Efficient data handling without under- or over-fetching
  • SQL-like flexibility with JSON-like syntax for intuitive learning
  • Optionality with full support for GraphQL
Query content to the frontend

Surgical content updates

Make fast, error-free changes

From large-scale to precise content updates, Mutation API streamlines every change made to your datastore—with less code and fewer API calls.

No need to pull an entire document to change one field, or send bulk updates sequentially–risking latency and data conflicts.

Fast content updates

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

You’re covered, out-of-the-box

Top e-commerce brands like Puma rely on Sanity to handle peak traffic without breaking a sweat—scaling even the highest of peaks. Last Black Friday–Cyber Monday, Sanity outperformed vendors with a 0.00381% error rate against billions of requests.

Rely on our robust, scalable infrastructure for fast, reliable content delivery—equipped with a global CDN, edge caching, and asset pipeline out-of-the-box.

  • Cross-platform content delivery to any device or region
  • Multi-tenant authoring with custom views for different teams
  • Intelligent image transformation with automatic cropping, compression, and conversion
Out-of-the-box infrastructure
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Sanity lets us say yes to our creative ideas. It's an awesome feeling and has really opened up how we think about engaging with our customers. We are seeing increased time on page, time per session, conversion rates, average order value—pretty much every metric you can think of.

Ashley Brooks · Digital/E-commerce Operations Manager at AETHER Apparel

Make content your competitive advantage