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Content Modeling with

The guide to building Structured Content with Sanity. Learn how to assemble a team and model resilient content that meets the unique needs of your team and audience.


Structured content is a pathway to rich and engaging experiences.

When it comes to delivering those experiences plug-and-play structures don’t work – they can’t respond to the unique questions surrounding who it’s for, what it needs to do, and how it needs be worked on.

But when every organisation needs something different it’s hard to know how to start out, what to focus on, and when to stop.

This guide will help you navigate that journey from first principles through to solutions that deliver long-term value to you and your audience.

You’ll learn how to assemble a content modeling team, make sense of what you have, and solve lots of interesting problems on the way to balanced outcomes. You also learn how to test and implement your solutions with real code and content using

What is Content Modeling?

The fundamentals. Learn what it‘s like, who’s involved, and how content modeling helps you build better experiences.

Why content modeling is important

Learn how content modeling can help your team find consensus and uncover hidden opportunities.

Why content modeling early unlocks value

Discover how content-first projects unblock more members of your team and produce better outcomes.

How to discover your content’s hidden mental model

How to get your team on the same page with content. The guide for setting scope, finding the right words, and making sense out of what you have.

Implementing a content model with

Learn how build your first schema, create your first type, and make a taxonomy in three different ways.

Deciding on fields and relationships

How to work through tricky content questions and build structures that will stand the test of time.

Hierarchies, Graphs, & Navigation

Hierarchies are handy for organizing, but they can also fence you in. Learn how to build them, when to use them, and why you might want to treat navigation as a separate concern.

How to create an effective editor experience

Learn how to tailor your editing environment to support better content and happier editors.

Tailoring content for different audiences

People’s needs change based on who they are, where they are, and what they’re really after. Learn how how to meet the needs of many with personalized content from a single source of truth.

How to use structured content for page building

Learn how to create a page builder from structured content that can withstand the test of time and redesigns.