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Profile page of Carrie Hane

Carrie's headline: Carrie is the Head of Content Strategy Relations at Sanity

Joined: October 2021
Carrie's job title: Head of Content Strategy Relations

A Sitemap is Not a Content Model
- Blog post

Turning a sitemap into a content model limits you to what you have now. Creating an entity-based content model will help you future-proof your website.

Carrie Hane
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How to Create a Content Model
- Article

Create a content model with this guide. We cover identifying content types, consolidating & defining them, making relationships, and technical specs.

Carrie Hane
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How I Learned to Expect More From My CMS
- Blog post

Managing content for a single website is different than using a composable content platform. Here are some tips to help you uncover the many opportunities from this new way of working.

Carrie Hane
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Structured Content 101
- Article

Learn about the secret ingredient that enables you to do more with the content you already have and reach the audiences who matter.

Carrie Hane
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Carrie Hane is a creative problem solver and connector of people, processes, and technology. For more than 20 years, she's been helping organizations transform to meet the ever-changing needs of the people they serve and take advantage of the latest technology.

Carrie is a Principal Evangelist at the content platform Sanity, and the co-author of Designing Connected Content: Plan and Model Digital Products for Today and Tomorrow, a handbook for a pioneering approach to sustainable digital publishing.

At Sanity, she passionately advocates for thinking about how content powers digital experiences that connect with audiences and help fulfil organizational missions while make life easier for the content operations team. Carrie has led workshops and been a speaker at events around the world and has been a guest lecturer for undergraduate and graduate courses in user-centered design and content strategy.

Like most people working tech, she has two degrees completely unrelated to her work. By far the most enlightening education she has received is being the mother of boys. When she's not working, you can find her at the pool swimming, wrangling college tours for her son, or reading with her dog.