Optimization Plugins

Optimize your Sanity-powered site with plugins for SEO, images, IDE snippets, content models, and more. For use in JAMstack frameworks such as Svelte, Gridsome, and 11ty.

11ty Sanity Image Helper
- Tool

An 11ty plugin to help create responsive images using the Sanity Asset Pipeline

Bryan Robinson
Go to 11ty Sanity Image Helper

Sanity snippets for VS Code
- Tool

Speed up your Sanity.io development with snippets tailored for building schemas, queries and desk structures ✨

Henrique Doro
Go to Sanity snippets for VS Code

Content Model Graph
- Tool

Instant graph for your content model in your Sanity Studio.

Cameron Chamberlain
Go to Content Model Graph

GROQ: ESlint plugin
- Tool

ESlint plugin for GROQ queries tagged with the function exported from the groq package on npm.

Go to GROQ: ESlint plugin

SEO tools
- Tool

Bring SEO insights into Sanity.

Go to SEO tools

Image URL
- Tool

Official(made by Sanity team)

Helper library to generate URLs for image transformation

Go to Image URL
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OR install Sanity with:
λ npm install -g @sanity/cli
λ sanity init

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