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Content Calendar

Official(made by Sanity team)

Schedule and view your editorial calendar, right where you store your content. Prioritize and get organized on the fly with a visual calendar in your Studio.

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Media browser
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A convenient way to browse, manage and select all your Sanity assets.

Robin Pyon
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SEO tools

Bring SEO insights into Sanity.

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Gatsby Cloud

Sanity Studio Dashboard Widget for triggering Gatsby Cloud Preview instances/sites.

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Code Input

Official(made by Sanity team)

Syntax highlighted editor for code.

Bjørge Næss
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Documents Pane

Display the results of any GROQ Query inside a View Pane

Simeon Griggs
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2 Publishing starters

Lifestyled: Editorial and E-Commerce

Official(made by Sanity team)

A lifestyle blog with editorial material and e-commerce functionality. Built with BigCommerce, Next.js and Sanity.

Carolina Gonzalez
Go to Lifestyled: Editorial and E-Commerce starter template with Jigsaw

Jigsaw ( starter kit which sources content from Sanity ( deployed on Netlify

Christopher Pecoraro
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Headless CMS: Building Apps with Nuxt and Sanity

This article explains what Sanity is all about and how to build a simple books list app. Sanity CMS stores our content, which will be editable in Sanity Studio. We will make this app with Nuxt and style it using pure CSS.

Olawanle Joel
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Top 5 rich-text React components

This post discusses top 5 rich-text components for React.js, the pros and cons and how to use each in your next project

William Ugonna Imoh
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Why Mums Don't Jump

Podcast website, plus blog and custom player. Built with Gatsby with a custom source plugin for TransistorFM.

Paul Brickles
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A Shopify Multi-Site flowing into a single Sanity instance and back out into 2 unique frontend experiences.

Kevin Green
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Books Note

A simple Nuxt app that allows you to jot notes you learn from a book as you read.

Olawanle Joel
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School teaching programs for critical media use and source awareness

Kristoffer Brabrand
Go to is one of the premier educational sites for web development

Joel Hooks
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Breaks for Portable Text

How to add different types of “breaks” for Portable Text that can be translated to horizontal rules, “read more”, sections, chapters, and so on.

Knut Melvær
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