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Scheduled Publishing
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Official(made by Sanity team)
v3 Ready

Schedule your content for future publication and organize upcoming releases – no custom tasks or serverless functions required!

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Media browser
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v3 Ready

A convenient way to browse, manage and select all your Sanity assets.

Robin Pyon
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SEO tools
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Bring SEO insights into Sanity.

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Gatsby Cloud

Sanity Studio Dashboard Widget for triggering Gatsby Cloud Preview instances/sites.

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Code Input
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Official(made by Sanity team)
v3 Ready

Syntax highlighted editor for code.

Bjørge Næss
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2 Publishing starters

Lifestyled: Editorial and E-Commerce

Official(made by Sanity team)

A lifestyle blog with editorial material and e-commerce functionality. Built with BigCommerce, Next.js and Sanity.

Carolina Gonzalez
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Jigsaw ( starter kit which sources content from Sanity ( deployed on Netlify

Christopher Pecoraro
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Analytics with Sanity

At Tinloof, we aim to create websites that retain users, and tracking their interactions is key to making that happen. We’ll explain in this article the analytics possibilities with Sanity and how we make them possible in our projects.

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Omar Benseddik
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Guide to content creation with Sanity

Sanity is a content platform that is used to unify, structure, and deliver the content of an organization. We regularly use it as a headless CMS for our clients to control the content and layout of their websites, whose frontend is usually built with a framework like Remix or Next.js.

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Omar Benseddik
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Why we prefer Sanity over Contentful

Even though we like Contentful and still use it in some of our projects if it’s the client's preference, Sanity is our headless CMS solution of choice. In this article, we'll explain 5 reasons why we prefer Sanity.

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Omar Benseddik
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SEO best practices on Sanity

When we build a website with Sanity, we configure SEO best practices to rank higher on search engine result pages.

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Omar Benseddik
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Why Mums Don't Jump

Podcast website, plus blog and custom player. Built with Gatsby with a custom source plugin for TransistorFM.

Paul Brickles
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E-commerce & serialized content for the future of allergy care

Aaron Cohen
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An ecosystem that empowers people to travel more consciously. Powered by a global community. Connecting cultures worldwide.

Aaron Cohen
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Charity in Action 🌍 — how we helped overhaul the charity platform serving thousands in need

Halo lab
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List Referring Documents (Backlinks) in Sanity

This recipe is a UX affordance for Sanity Studio, which makes it easier for editors to manage heavily cross-referenced documents. It provides a list of backlinks to referring documents.

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Easy peasy URL Slug

Quickly and easily validate your slug without having to work out the regex syntax

Roboto Studio
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