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Code Input

Official(made by Sanity team)

By Bjørge Næss

Syntax highlighted editor for code.


Code input for Sanity.

Currently only a subset of languages and features are exposed, over time we will implement a richer set of options.


sanity install @sanity/code-input


Use it in your schema types:

// [...]
  fields: [
    // [...]
      name: 'exampleUsage',
      title: 'Example usage',
      type: 'code',

Note that the above only works if you import and use the all:part:@sanity/base/schema-type part in your schema.


  • language - Default language for this code field
  • languageAlternatives - Array of languages that should be available (se its format in the example below)
  • theme - Name of the theme to use.
    • Possible values include: ['github', 'monokai', 'terminal', 'tomorrow'].
    • For the full list and a live playground, refer to the react-ace page.
  • withFilename - Boolean option to display input field for filename
// ...fields...
  name: 'exampleUsage',
  title: 'Example usage',
  type: 'code',
  options: {
    theme: 'solarized_dark',
    language: 'js',
    languageAlternatives: [
      {title: 'Javascript', value: 'js'},
      {title: 'HTML', value: 'html'},
      {title: 'CSS', value: 'css'},
      {title: 'SASS', value: 'sass'},

Data model

  _type: 'code',
  language: 'js',
  highlightedLines: [1, 2],
  code: 'const foo = "bar"\nconsole.log(foo.toUpperCase())\n// BAR'

Example usage in frontend (React)

You can use any syntax highlighter you want - but not all of them might support highlighted lines or the syntax you've defined.

As outlined above, the actual code is stored in a code property, so if your schema has a field called codeExample of type code, the property you'd want to pass to the highlighter would be codeExample.code.

Here's an example using react-refractor:

import React from 'react'
import Refractor from 'react-refractor'
import js from 'refractor/lang/javascript'


export function Code(props) {
  return (
      // In this example, `props` is the value of a `code` field

export default Code

Other syntax highlighters include:


MIT-licensed. See LICENSE.

Install command

sanity install @sanity/code-input


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