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MUX input

Upload videos to MUX directly from the studio.

Mux Video Input Sanity Plugin

This is a plugin which lets you use MUX video assets in your studio.

Setting up

  • While in your project folder, run sanity install mux-input

  • Make a schema type that uses the plugin's type mux.video, for example:
      title: "Video blog post",
      name: "videoBlogPost",
      type: "document",
      fields: [
        { title: "Title", name: "title", type: "string" },
          title: "Video file",
          name: "video",
          type: "mux.video"
  • Get an API Access Token The Mux Video API uses an Access Token and Secret Key for authentication. If you haven't already, generate a new Access Token in the Access Token settings of your Mux account dashboard.

  • The first time you use this plugin you will be asked to input your access token. The token is stored in the dataset as a document of the type mux.apiKey with the id secrets.mux. Having the ID be non-root ensures that only editors are able to see it. The MUX plugin will find it’s access tokens by fetching this document.

Playing videos in the frontend

We have made an own player which supports poster images for the videos as set with this plugin, see sanity-mux-player

You could use any player which supports HLS, just point the video source to: