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Victoria's headline: Cats & Plants 💚

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Victoria's location: Oslo, Norway
Joined: May 2019
Victoria's job title: Frontend Engineer

Content Calendar
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Schedule and view your editorial calendar, right where you store your content. Prioritize and get organized on the fly with a visual calendar in your Studio.

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Gatsby Portfolio
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A clean Gatsby & React.js starting point for portfolios, project listings or case studies.

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Blog with Gatsby
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Fully customizable blog template with a Gatsby & React.js front-end.

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Blog with Gridsome
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How to Brand your Studio
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Customize the look and feel of the Sanity studio to your own liking.

Victoria Bergquist
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Mux input
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Upload videos to Mux directly from the studio.

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Victoria is a Frontend Engineer at working mostly on the Studio. She is really into cats and plants.