Documents Pane

By Simeon Griggs

Display the results of any GROQ Query inside a View Pane


Display a GROQ-queried list of Documents in a View Pane.

Incoming References


sanity install documents-pane

This plugin is designed to be used as a Component inside of a View.

The example below illustrates using the current Document being used to query for all Documents that reference it.

// ./src/deskStructure.js
import DocumentsPane from 'sanity-plugin-documents-pane'

// ...all other list items

    query: `*[!(_id in path("drafts.**")) && references($id)]`,
    params: { id: `_id` },
    useDraft: false
  .title('Incoming References')

The .options() configuration works as follows:

  • query (string, required)
  • params (object, optional) A dot-notated string from the document object to a field, to use as variables in the query.
  • useDraft (bool, optional, default: false) When populating the params values, it will use the published version of the document by default.


MIT © Simeon Griggs See LICENSE

Install command

sanity install documents-pane


Simeon Griggs

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Simeon is located at Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
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