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Documents Pane

By Simeon Griggs & Victoria Bergquist

Display the results of any GROQ Query inside a View Pane


Displays the results of a GROQ query in a View Pane. With the ability to use field values in the current document as query parameters.

Incoming References


sanity install documents-pane

This plugin is designed to be used as a Component inside of a View.

The example below illustrates using the current Document being used to query for all Documents that reference it.

// ./src/deskStructure.js
import DocumentsPane from 'sanity-plugin-documents-pane'

// ...all other list items

    query: `*[!(_id in path("drafts.**")) && references($id)]`,
    params: {id: `_id`},
    useDraft: false,
    debug: true,
  .title('Incoming References')

The .options() configuration works as follows:

  • query (string, required)
  • params (object, optional) A dot-notated string from the document object to a field, to use as variables in the query.
  • useDraft (bool, optional, default: false) When populating the params values, it will use the published version of the document by default.
  • debug (bool, optional, default: false) In case of an error or the query returning no documents, setting to true will display the query and params that were used.


This plugin is based on Incoming References originally written by Victoria Bergquist.


MIT © Simeon Griggs See LICENSE

Install command

sanity install documents-pane


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