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Lion Queen Theme

A Lion Queen theme for the Studio


A Lion Queen theme for the Studio

Lion Queen Studio Theme

A Lion Queen theme that overrides the default look of the Sanity Studio. Created as part of the How to Brand your Studio tutorial.

Screenshot of the Lion Queen theme


At the root of your Sanity project, run this command in the terminal.

sanity install lion-queen-theme

Example Studio

To see this theme in action, take a look at the example Studio created with sanity init and the e-commerce template:

$ cd example
$ npm install # or yarn install
$ sanity start

CSS Variables

This theme only uses a handful of the available variables that lets you give the Studio a custom look. Find the CSS variables this theme overrides in variables.css.

/* Brand colors */

/* Typography */

/* Main Navigation */

See the documentation for more information about styling the Studio, or explore the full list of variables on GitHub.