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Content Graph View

Official(made by Sanity team)

By Alexander Staubo & Marius Lundgård

A tool for Sanity Studio to graph your content and see changes in real-time.


Graph View Plugin

A tool for Sanity Studio to graph your content and see changes in real-time.

Screengrab of the Graph tool

Wonder how a visualization of your dataset will look? How many authors do you have? How many items have they worked on? And are currently working on! Edits and changes are shown in real-time!

Explore your data with this plugin, seek out strange corners and data types, boldly go where you could not before!

Installation and use

**Important!** Due to an [outstanding issue with Three.js](, you currently **have to use Yarn to install packages, not NPM, and add this to your app's `package.json`**:
  "resolutions": {
    "**/three": "0.119.1"

We hope to remedy this in the future.

# In your Sanity Studio repository:
sanity install graph-view

# Start the Studio
sanity start


Edit ./config/graph-view.json:

  "query": "*[_type in ['a', 'b']]"

For references to turn into graph edges, the entire document must be fetched, but you can also selectively filter what references will be included. For example:

  "query": "*[_type in ['a', 'b']]{ 'refs': [author, publisher] }"

By default, the plugin uses doc.title || || doc._id as the node label.

If you want to use another property, compute a title property in your query, e.g.:

  "query": "*[_type in ['a', 'b']] { ..., \"title\": select(_type == 'a' => 'Title A', _type == 'b' => 'Title B') }"


If you want to take part in developing this plugin, then look for planned features in the list of issues and reach out to us in the Sanity Community.

git clone
cd sanity-plugin-graph-view
yarn link

# In a development Studio directory:
yarn link sanity-plugin-graph-view

# Lint your code before committing
yarn lint

Get help in the Sanity Community

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Join Sanity’s developer community or ping us on twitter.



Install command

sanity install graph-view


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