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Henrique's headline: consultant helping organizations with powerful content workflows.

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Henrique's location: Brazil
Joined: February 2018
Henrique's job title: consultant

AWS S3 media browser
- Tool

Allows uploading, referencing and deleting video and audio files to S3 directly from your Sanity studio.

Henrique Doro
Go to AWS S3 media browser

- Made with Sanity

Website for data scraping consultancy based in Brazil

Henrique Doro
Go to Crawly

- Made with Sanity

Website for a marketing agency that helps women-owned businesses

Henrique Doro
Go to Compoá

Sanity snippets for VS Code
- Tool

Speed up your development with snippets tailored for building schemas, queries and desk structures ✨

Henrique Doro
Go to Sanity snippets for VS Code

Data Hackers
- Made with Sanity

Website for the biggest data science community in Latin America

Henrique Doro
Go to Data Hackers

Live preview changes to React websites with Sanity
- Guide

Make your editors' lives easier with a simple-to-setup live preview for their CMS with any website built using a framework like React, Vue or Svelte

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Henrique Doro
Go to Live preview changes to React websites with Sanity

Sanity has revolutionized my practice and allowed me to deliver much more value to clients with more efficacy. After 2.5 years using it to build websites and apps for clients at my former agency, I decided to focus solely on helping organizations improve their content workflows using Sanity. I've been consulting exclusively on Sanity for a little over 6 months now.

I'm also very active in the Sanity ecosystem, having created, among others, the first version of the gatsby-source-sanity plugin that kickstarted the path for the huge adoption of Sanity by Gatsby users.

👋 Reach me out in the Sanity Slack community