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Netlify Integrations

Find the right Netlify integrations and plugins for your next project.

3 Netlify tools


Deploy and view history of multiple Netlify sites directly inside your Sanity Studio.

Jarrett Lusso
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Netlify Deploy Status Badge

Display Netlify's status badge in Sanity Studio and your site's recent deploys. Plus, trigger a new build if you want to!

Dorell James
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Netlify Deploy

Official(made by Sanity team)

Sanity Studio Dashboard Widget for triggering Netlify builds.

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12 Netlify guides

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Guide to content creation with Sanity

Sanity is a content platform that is used to unify, structure, and deliver the content of an organization. We regularly use it as a headless CMS for our clients to control the content and layout of their websites, whose frontend is usually built with a framework like Remix or Next.js.

This is an external link at:tinloof.com
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97 Netlify projects made with Sanity

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Bright Notion

DOM-as-audio-visualiser for an independent music publisher

Simon Rogers
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Jamstack Explorers

Jamstack Explorers is a free learning platform created by the team at Netlify to chart a course through the amazing offerings in the Jamstack ecosystem

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Complex product offering with nested product structure and tiered pricing.

Kevin Green
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Figma Config

Website for Config, the global design conference by Figma.

Corey Ward
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The Agnes

A high end rental real estate site built with Gatsby, Sanity and Shopify that pulls in listing data via API and includes a headless Shopify shop.

David Gross
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Why Mums Don't Jump

Podcast website, plus blog and custom player. Built with Gatsby with a custom source plugin for TransistorFM.

Paul Brickles
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Netlify is a popular cloud computing platform used to deploy the fastest next-gen applications and websites. Build enterprise ecommerce solutions, global marketing campaigns, and modern web apps in an intuitive, git-based workflow. Perfect for React frameworks and other JAMstack-friendly tools, Netlify is a great option for anyone wishing to host a performant, modern web app. Take a look at these guides, projects, and tools for use in Netlify and Sanity studio and build your next project on a dream stack for modern development.