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By Kevin Green

Complex product offering with nested product structure and tiered pricing.

Recipe Card Collection powered by Sanity + Modular builders
Product landing experience with some linked product spices
Rich card experience showcasing bundled vs singled sku products, as well as the custom pricing per card reduction
Global Configuration shows a few tabs for promo, carts, meta etc.
View of the collections, many more collections outside of the core offering are crafted for marketing purposes
PDP experience, showing linked products, and general product modularity, all products sync over from shopify

About the project

The build is a Midway E-commerce creation. The project helped define some enhancements such as switching back to a GROQ first pattern for better control of the data flow, and more flexibility in optimizing the queries fro the product linking/offering.

In order to facilitate the bundle/deck like product structure it was essential to craft initial product offering in Shopify, with tiered pricing variants and then link that concept into Sanity. When creating a product you have the ability to set it to a Spice, Recipe or Deck. This functionality showcases the linked product data in different ways and for Decks actually adding to cart adds multiple 8-16 individual cards that are then grouped in the checkout to keep them inline with the shopping experience.

The client also has full modular control of pages, collections and products, they can even inject product hero/add to cart experiences to anywhere on the site. This allows them to easily craft marketing experiences with nested shopability for enhanced marketing campaigns.


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