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Profile page of Kevin Green

Kevin's headline: Technical Consultant and Internet Craftsman

Kevin's email: kevin@ctrlaltdel.world
Kevin's website: kevingreen.sucks
Kevin's location: United States
Joined: February 2019
Kevin's job title: Internet Craftsman
Kevin is Available for work

Hedley & Bennett
- Made with Sanity

Site rebuild with Sanity + Hydrogen. Created unique product structure to allow for better modularity, bundling, advanced collection filtering and unique navigation patterns.

Kevin Green
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Baboon to the Moon
- Made with Sanity

Complete rebuild of the site on Hydrogen + Sanity. The new experience offers extensive modularity, scheduling, custom product bundling and various editorial options for clps.

Kevin Green
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- Made with Sanity

A Shopify Multi-Site flowing into a single Sanity instance and back out into 2 unique frontend experiences.

Kevin Green
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- Made with Sanity

Craft a unique online experience that is reflective of the fun and uniqueness of this child focused reusable, compostable, refillable brand.

Kevin Green
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Crafting a Theme Engine
- Guide

Organize your content in a way to easily stage core components like home, navigations, and other global modules

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- Made with Sanity

Complex product offering with nested product structure and tiered pricing.

Kevin Green
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Heed Foods
- Made with Sanity

Heed is a dog food company with some unique needs from a modular product and page perspective.

Kevin Green
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- Made with Sanity

CBD Wellness brand with a focus on editorial and complex product modularity

Kevin Green
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I've been building websites for the last 10-15 years. Recently doing so in the NYC greater area both for agencies, my own agency, and now consulting on my own. I've been using Sanity as my goto CMS/Content backend for the last 2 years. I've built a number of Marketing/Headless e-commerce with Sanity and hope to continue to use the platform to further client needs/solutions.

I'm also the creator of an open source Shopify-Sanity-Gatsby starter called Midway. It's a bit of a hybrid but a good entry into the Headless landscape of commerce.