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API-related guides, starters, plugins, and more. Learn how to use Sanity’s rich APIs and connect with other API-based services to improve workflows and ship better content experiences.

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Asset source for Cloudinary

Studio v2

Browse and import images from your Cloudinary account to your Sanity Studio

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Sanity Lighthouse

The Sanity Lighthouse Plugin seamlessly integrates Google PageSpeed Insights into your SanityCMS workflow, providing comprehensive performance analysis. Generate reports, monitor performance, and optimize your website for faster load times and improved user experience, all within your existing development process. It's a developer-friendly tool that streamlines performance testing and optimization for your SanityCMS-powered website.

Halo lab
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Allows you to use the api from the studio to remove the background from your images

Rein Undheim
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Clean Your GROQ

Learn the best practices for cleaning Groq queries to improve data accuracy and speed up the query processing time. Discover tips for streamlining and optimizing your queries for maximum efficiency.

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A/B testing with Sanity and LaunchDarkly

We use Sanity to build fast websites that rank on the Google search engine and attract users. A/B testing is a great way to find out what content fits better with your target users, so integrating it on Sanity is a great way to test your content with real users before going live with them.

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Jamstack Explorers

Jamstack Explorers is a free learning platform created by the team at Netlify to chart a course through the amazing offerings in the Jamstack ecosystem

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Why Mums Don't Jump

Podcast website, plus blog and custom player. Built with Gatsby with a custom source plugin for TransistorFM.

Paul Brickles
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Dialogue Works

a joint campaign led by Kindernothilfe and Terre des Hommes, dedicated to create spaces for meaningful participation of working children and youth in international policy debates

Ahmed Ghazi
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A Leisure Club in the Grosvenor Building in New York City

Ian Hatcher-Williams
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Select draft OR published document

Setting up a live preview and want to fetch a document's draft, with a fallback for the published document when there are no drafts? Check this out.

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