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Plugins and tools for Sanity

We’re growing an ecosystem of plugins, tools, custom input components and dashboard widgets for Sanity Studio, in addition to a range of front-end libraries for popular languages and frameworks.

Latest tools

Sanity Block Selector

Provides a component for overriding the default portable text block selector, instead of the built-in dropdown list. Allows the blocks to be organized into groups, and to be searchable.

Bruno Santos
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Sanity Kit

A collection of studio plugins, fields, and components to boost your Sanity studio.

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Singleton Tools

A plugin to create and manage singletons in your Sanity Studio.

RD Pennell
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Sanity Commerce

Sanity Commerce by Commerce Layer allows you to spin up a product catalog directly into Sanity Studio, allowing seamless management of product catalogs with headless commerce capabilities, such as Commerce Layer.

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Vimeo Field

Retrieve Vimeo video data via the API with an access token and store it in Sanity.

Marco Land
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Schema Markup

The @operationnation/sanity-plugin-schema-markup is a Sanity Studio plugin that allows you to generate Schema Markup in your Studio. It provides a React component for the FE that makes handling structured data super simple.

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Page tree

Simplifies dynamic page tree creation in Sanity Studio, providing a tree view for easy editing, internal linking, and frontend URL resolution.

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Rich Date Input

Provides a timezone-aware date input for Sanity Studio.

Carolina Gonzalez
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Groq Snippet

A Sanity plugin that lets you store and have quick access to frequently used or complex GROQ queries within your Sanity Studio.

William Iommi
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Dad Jokes widget

A dashboard widget for Sanity to make you laugh and cry at dad jokes

Sachin Sancheti
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YouTube Input

Enrich the YouTube videos in your Sanity studio with metadata pulled from Google's YouTube Data API, along with in-studio embeds so you can preview and play videos right in your studio.

Mitchell Fragala
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MotionPoint Sanity Plugin

Effortlessly link Sanity Studio with MotionPoint. Submit and retrieve translated documents with ease, all integrated into your Sanity workflow.

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