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Latest starters

Sanity Studio + Remix: Full featured starter

Official(made by Sanity team)

Sanity Studio v3 embedded into a Remix application with live preview, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Zod, and code examples for Portable Text, rendering Sanity images, and creating custom form components.

Simeon Griggs
Go to Sanity Studio + Remix: Full featured starter

AKVA – Hydrogen + Sanity demo

Official(made by Sanity team)

Customized Hydrogen starter that presents a real-world example of how Sanity and Structured Content can elevate your custom Shopify storefronts.

Go to AKVA – Hydrogen + Sanity demo

Angular Sanity

A simple blog using Angular standalone components and Firebase Hosting

Antonio Cardenas
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Clean Next.js + Sanity app

Official(made by Sanity team)

A clean example of Next.js with embedded Sanity ready for recomposition.

Cody Olsen
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Next 13 template with Sanity and Sanity Studio integrated, making it easy to deploy on Vercel right away. All you need to do is add environment variables when deploying, and you get /studio route with preview mode enabled.

Kostiantyn Shyrolapov
Go to next-13-sanity