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Tailwind css showcase projects

The Swaddle

A new brand identity to represent a more mature company, to signify The Swaddle’s evolution from publisher to production house, combined with an easier to navigate platform that can surface multiple content types - drawing readers through The Swaddle’s content offering.

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Creation of a scalable platform to support business growth, increase ZETR’s internal team’s efficiency by automating key functionality, drive leads through improved UX, and deliver a modern brand experience aligned with the product experience.

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White Label Jamstack Development Agency / Jamstacky

Bhargav Patel
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D.S. & Durga

Brooklyn based avant-garde perfumery, founded by husband-and-wife team David (D.S.) and Kavi (Durga)

Ian Hatcher-Williams
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APIs and IPAs: personalized beverage recommendation

APIs and IPAs is a local event with Uniform, Sanity, and Rangle.io in Toronto. For the event, we built a personalized beer recommendation experience using the latest Next.js 15 partial pre-rendering mode. Uniform has out-of-the-box integrations with Sanity and Vercel, and a visual personalization engine built in. For this experience, we pull Geo IP from Vercel, Weather from a weather API, and beer and breweries content from Sanity, and the experience is visually configured in Uniform. What beer did you get?

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Starry Heavens - Jewelry Ecommerce Website Template Next.js

Starry Heavens - Jewelry Ecommerce Website Template Next.js Starry Heavens - Jewelry & Fashion Store Responsive Template with simple and cool features will be suitable for jewelry, fashion designer stores, apparel, cosmetics, and women's stores. The Starry Heavens theme offers a robust toolkit for creating a professional and visually stunning online store tailored to the jewelry and fashion industry.

Webby Template
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Chipotle's Steve Ells new robot-run fast-casual vegan restaurant.

Ian Hatcher-Williams
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Specialized in crafting superbly efficient websites

Bogdan Stojanovic
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In just 3 months, we completely revolutionized the Codemod universe. New logo. Fresh brand book. Social assets guidelines. Revamped website. Enhanced codemods registry. Upgraded web app.

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Jared Yeung Portfolio and Blog

Jared Yeung Portfolio and Blog, for work showcase, learning, designing and developing experiment, life blog

Jared Yeung
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