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Roboto Studio

By Roboto Studio & Jono Alford

Old faithful, but built in the app router. Testing out the latest and greatest features on our own website, now, with added purple.

Using a page builder with perspectives, we can quickly build specific landing pages to target audiences
Image generation using our own AI plugin for Dall.e, uncanny cats not included
Our services page is again, using a page builder, because of the /app directory and RSC it allowed us to pull data even easier
Our project page, showcasing some of the awesome work we've done with Sanity & Next.js
The homepage, complete with all new animations using Tailwind & native CSS
Real time preview, and page building blocks
Custom form builder - change text, field type and it "just works" with Formspark - Also if you're a Google Analytics & PPC Specialist get in touch...
Image generation using Open AI's Dall.e. Speeding up workflows and generating eldritch monstrosities...

About the project

We've migrated the Roboto Studio to the bleeding edge Sanity & Next.js functionality to both future-proof and get the best understanding possible of the ins and outs of the latest methods.

There might be a blog post on the way with our findings...


  • Using the latest app routing from Next 13.4
  • Real-time Live preview using Sanity iframe pane & perspectives preview method
  • AI-generated images, using our Open AI plugin
  • Hot-swappable page builder
  • Fully-fledged form-builder, backend provided by Formspark
  • Still using the original CMS structure, no need to refactor
  • Near perfect lighthouse performance
  • Dynamically-loaded page builder - we're still working on the FOUC

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