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Leaders In Consulting

By Roboto Studio & Jono Alford

Creating a multi-site, internationalised page builder for the premier consulting community

Homepage of Leaders in Consulting, with a split image and recaptcha
Leaders in Consulting podcast directly integrated from Buzzsprout into Sanity with a Cron job
Blog page with a cohesive red background and internationalised articles. As close to automatic translation with Sanity AI assistant.
Forms completely hands-off with the use of Formspark. Full GDPR compliancy

About the project

We worked with Leaders in Consulting to create the best possible internationalised, multi-site setup. The core focus was on creating a repeatable editorial experience that could be improved in a central location with all their clients recieving the benefits.

We worked with their incredible core team to ensure they had everything they needed to create performant and ultra-low maintenance websites with CRON jobs to ensure all the latest podcast were automatically pulled in and published.

  • Fully i18n with extensible languages
  • Multi-site environment with singular Github monorepo
  • Automated podcast integration with CRON job
  • Easily extensible visuals with TailwindUI
  • Typescript generation

Functional, scalable, repeatable. Fancy building the best editorial experience for your website?

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