By Roboto Studio & Jono Alford

5500+ AI Tools, one hell of a GROQ query and Top-notch Structured Content. Building the perfect editorial experience with Futurepedia

What a beautiful homepage, complete with morphing gradient - see if you can spot it
All categories, one giant GROQ query broken into lots of sub queries to ensure performance is top notch, even with 5500+ tools
ChatGPT Plugins directory page, complete with Typesense search
A gigantic page which shows all Newsletter Archives, check out all the interesting news documents
Upcoming AI Conferences page, with a subtle grid pattern up top
Editorial flow with the new Sanity Studio (3.23.4)
More compact layouts with the latest Sanity Studio UI overhaul

About the project

It's not like us to flex... but when you can maintain performance for 5500+ AI tools and nearly 20,000 documents in total, we're going to have to... 💪

Humble-brag over, let's talk about some of the tech:

  • Parent child category schema generated with Sanity
  • Highly optimised GROQ queries and pagination
  • SEO rich content throughout
  • 5500+ AI tools and growing
  • Tailwind CSS complete refactor
  • App router usage throughout - React Server Components
  • Using server actions & typesense for search
  • Open graph image generation
  • Profile area with bookmarked content

It's about as high-tech as modern web development gets, and the icing on the cake... It was built in 6 weeks flat.

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