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By Roboto Studio & Jono Alford

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials: Teckro Leverages Sanity CMS for Unmatched User Engagement

Homepage hot-swappable with page builder blocks
Hubspot forms directly integrated with events flow
Video page serving videos directly referenced from Wistia
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About the project

Teckro, a world-renowned pioneer in Clinical Trial Management, has always strived to stay ahead of the curve. Understanding the crucial role of compelling content in nurturing their global clientele, Teckro opted to push the boundaries of innovation with a strategic partnership with Sanity CMS. The results? Unparalleled user engagement and soaring lead generation rates.

Sanity CMS facilitated the full integration of Wistia, renowned for hosting various podcasts and videos. With this integration, Teckro could directly infuse rich, educational multimedia content into the CMS. The result? An irresistible digital hub that educates and engages visitors, leaving them keen to learn more about Teckro's trailblazing solutions.

Recognizing the importance of smooth, efficient leads capture in their sector; we helped Teckro to integrate Hubspot forms directly into Sanity CMS via the Hubspot API. This move empowered the company with a seamless data collection mechanism, turning interested visitors into viable leads and ensuring timely, relevant follow-ups for every potential client. Additionally, in harmony with Hubspot forms, Teckro's new document type for events has refined event management, ensuring no opportunity to engage is missed.

To further enhance user engagement, Teckro has revolutionized its digital content with Portable Text, a feature unique to Sanity CMS. By crafting compelling call-to-actions into their content, Teckro informs and prompts visitors to action, driving impressive conversion rates.

But it didn't stop there; our commitment to unparalleled user experience led us to adopt on-the-fly media optimization. This ensures images are always in the optimal size and format for the best loading speeds, respecting visitors' time and delivering unrivalled user satisfaction.

Teckro's voyage with Sanity CMS testifies to the transformative power of a cutting-edge content marketing strategy. As an industry leader, they continue to inspire, establishing new benchmarks of excellence in the Clinical Trial Management field.

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