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By Kevin Green

CBD Wellness brand with a focus on editorial and complex product modularity

About the project

The Prima team had a very specific requirement for this build. They need to have both the flexibility and power of an e-commerce platform, while also having granular control of the site structure and content.

Coming form a custom platform they wanted to remove the technical debt of building anything from scratch. I experimented with a number of CMS solutions prior to landing on Sanity for this particular project (This is the first site I ever used Sanity on). Once I got it up and running and the ease of which I was able to quickly add content types, create flexible content, create relationships, I knew that Sanity was the choice for me. I wrote a custom sync from Shopify that saved products directly into the platform, and that basically sealed the deal for Sanity being the answer to my prayers.

From there I was able to build out countless modules that are still in use today, craft both marketing/campaign page building for ads. And create unique bundling of products while adding to cart directly in the CMS. The evolution of Sanity since launching Prima nearly 2 years ago is truly a wonderful. The client could not be happier with the solutions and with the continued additions to the platform.


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