JSON bulk upload desk tool

By Henrique Doro

Bulk upload documents to Sanity's database right from the studio

Sanity JSON-to-docs studio tool

This plugin aims to help you when working with large chunks of data in Sanity by not requiring that you create documents through the interface or through a custom @sanity/client instance in node (which means, no battling around with tokens!).


Simply run:

sanity install json-to-docs

If you want to enable this plugin in development environment only (strongly recommended), go to your root sanity.json file and move json-to-docs from the plugins array into:

"env": {
  "development": {
    "plugins": [

And there you go! Just access the tool from the studio menu, paste in your JSON file (can be either an array or object, but don't forget to include a _type property to each document) and click "Create documents" πŸŽ‰

Possible future plans

Currently, it only does one thing: gets any JSON you throw at it and uploads the document(s) to the configured dataset in the studio. However, there are a couple of things we'd like to add to it in the future:

  • A Markdown to Portable Text converter UI
    • I've already created something along these lines for a client, it'd be a matter of making this a general-use case tool.
    • Reasoning: this plugin aims to provide an easier path towards migrating from external sources to Sanity, and Markdown being a common data format in many sites it's the perfect fit to add to this objective
  • Option to create documents as drafts before publishing
  • JSON formatting and highlighting - not sure about this one, though, as people using this plugin are developers who have access to editors such as VS Code
  • Better error handling - right now it doesn't tell you exactly which documents failed to be sent over the wire

Oh, the JsonToDocs React component is a mess, sorry about that πŸ™ƒ

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