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AWS S3 media browser

By Henrique Doro

Allows uploading, referencing and deleting video and audio files to S3 directly from your Sanity studio.

AWS S3 Digital Asset Management (DAM) plugin for

Allows uploading, referencing and deleting video and audio files to S3 directly from your Sanity studio. Is a flavor of sanity-plugin-external-dam.

Screenshot of the plugin


Start by installing the plugin:

sanity install s3-dam

The rest of the work must be done inside AWS' console:

  • Create a public S3 bucket (or use an existing one)
  • Configure CORS for your bucket to accept the origins your studio will be hosted in (including localhost)
  • Create Lambda functions for creating the pre-signed URLs we'll use to post objects to S3 and deleting objects
    • Use the templates at getSignedUrl.example.js and deleteObject.example.js
    • Set the necessary permissions for execution role of each function:
      • getSignedUrl: "Write->PutObject" and "Permissions Management->PutObjectAcl"
      • deleteObject: "Write->DeleteObject"
    • Make these functions available through HTTP requests by adding API Gateway triggers
      • Ensure these gateways have CORS enabled for the origins you'll use
      • I strongly recommend using the same gateway for both functions for simplicity of configuration

With these in hand, fill-in the plugin's configuration form where you'll fill in the bucket key (ex: my-sanity-bucket), the bucket region (ex: ap-south-1), the URL for both Lambda functions and an optional secret for validating input in functions.

I plan on recording a video tutorial going through the process in detail. Until then, reach out if you have questions πŸ˜‰


Use the type in your fields. Examples:

    name: "video",
    title: "Video (S3)",
    type: "",
    options: {
        accept: "video/*",
        storeOriginalFilename: true,
    name: "anyFile",
    title: "File (S3)",
    type: "",
    options: {
        // Accept ANY file
        accept: "*",
        storeOriginalFilename: true,

Contributing, roadmap & acknowledgments

Refer to sanity-plugin-external-dam for those :)

Install command

sanity install s3-dam


Henrique Doro

Sanity user & community member turned employee 😊 (Applications Engineer)

Henrique is located at Brazil
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