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Sanity social and SEO document preview

By Henrique Doro

Show your editors how their page will look on Google and major social platforms in your documents' view.

Sanity social and SEO document preview

Show your editors how their page will look on Google and major social platforms in your documents' view

Screenshot of this plugin in action

Installation & usage

Start by running:

sanity install social-preview

Now go into your deskStructure file and add the following (if you don't have structure builder settings, check out the official guide):

// deskStructure.js
import SocialPreview from 'part:social-preview/component'

export const getDefaultDocumentNode = ({ schemaType }) => {
  // Add the social preview view only to those schema types that support it
  if (['', ''].includes(schemaType)) {
    return S.document().views([
      S.view.component(SocialPreview()).title('Social & SEO'),
  return S.document().views([S.view.form()])

This is going to get you a barebones starter, which you can customize by following the guide below.


This plugin tries to mimic Sanity's preview behavior on list views, so you only have to customize it if your fields don't match the default choices below:

  title: doc.title || '(page not yet named)',
  description: doc.description || doc.metaDescription || doc.seoDescription,
  siteUrl: '',
  ogImage: doc.openGraphImage || doc.ogImage || doc.image,
  slug: doc.slug?.current || doc.relativePath?.current,

If, for example, your description comes from doc.meta.description and that's a block content, and you want to change your site's URL shown on cards, you can customize the view by doing so:

import SocialPreview from 'part:social-preview/component'
import { toPlainText } from 'part:social-preview/utils'

export const getDefaultDocumentNode = ({ schemaType }) => {
  return S.document().views([
          // Overwrite prepareFunction to pick the right fields
          prepareFunction: (
            { title, meta } /* this object is the currently active document */,
          ) => ({
            description: toPlainText(meta?.description || []),
            siteUrl: '',
      .title('Social & SEO'),

You can also remove any individual previews:

    google: true,
    facebook: false,
    twitter: true,
    linkedin: false,

πŸ’‘ Eventually I intend to make our lives easier by providing a select object that works like Sanity's list preview, making it easier to overwrite fields without the need for a new prepare function. In the meantime, feel free to copy the fallbackPrepare function from this repo.

Your custom prepare function must return an object with the following:

interface PreparedPreview {
  title: string
  siteUrl: string
  // ? denotes an optional prop
  description?: string
  ogImage?: {
    // Regular SanityImage data structure
    // other fields such as metadata can come in here, but asset is the only necessary
    asset: {
      _ref: string
      _type: 'reference'
  // Used by Google preview to render the full URL
  // Note that this is a string, not an object (slug { current: string })
  slug?: string

// And here are the props for the SocialPreview function
interface SocialPreview {
  // Function you'll use to customize which props correspond to which
  prepareFunction: (doc: GenericSanityDoc) => PreparedPreview | undefined
  google?: boolean
  twitter?: boolean
  linkedin?: boolean
  facebook?: boolean

As it stands, you can't customize styles. I've built this over a year ago and haven't revised the styles yet, so some previews are out of date such as those for Facebook. Feel free to contribute to a refresh, it only requires basic React and CSS knowledge πŸ˜„ (be aware that styles are messy though, I literally copied them from each site)

Possible future improvements

  • Mimic the Sanity-native preview object behavior for selecting the required props
    • Currently only prepare is provided, meaning you have rewrite everything if you need to change a single field's name. Providing select would fix this :)
  • Update layouts - LinkedIn and Facebook are wildly different now

Feel free to contribute with your PR, as long as you're respectful. Big thanks to @mornir for your help!

Install command

sanity install social-preview


Henrique Doro

Sanity user & community member turned employee 😊 (Applications Engineer)

Henrique is located at Brazil
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