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Vercel Integrations

Plugins, integrations, and other tools for the Vercel deployment platform with Sanity's headless CMS. Build lightning-fast, serverless applications more easily than ever before with these resources.

2 Vercel tools

Vercel Dashboard Widget

View your recent Vercel deployments and manually trigger builds directly from your Sanity dashboard.

Robin Pyon
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Vercel Deploy

Trigger Vercel Deploy Hooks from your Sanity Studio

Nick DiMatteo
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1 Vercel starter

15 Vercel guides

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Clean Your GROQ

Learn the best practices for cleaning Groq queries to improve data accuracy and speed up the query processing time. Discover tips for streamlining and optimizing your queries for maximum efficiency.

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Getting the hang of Sanity's Parameterized Templates

Learn about the power of Sanity's Parameterized Templates, the ultimate solution for making content management simple and effective. Your content creation process will become dynamic with customizable initial values, saving you time and effort while ensuring that each piece of content meets your specific requirements.

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Choosing the right Sanity CMS Agency

We try and help by breaking down important aspects to look for when choosing an agency for building a Sanity CMS powered website/webapp.

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103 Vercel projects made with Sanity

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Guidepost Montessori

We use Sanity to support a growing network of Montessori schools across the world.

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Kerstin Eibel

Personal website for Mag.a Kerstin Eibel Advice | Coaching | Development

Klaus Fleischhacker
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Vercel is a zero-config cloud platform for static sites and serverless functions built for high-performance apps and websites. With low maintenance and automatic scaling, Vercel is an excellent choice to host your next JAMstack project. Just push your code to a git repository and you're ready to launch your site. Check out these tools, integrations, and other resources for use in Vercel deployments using Sanity studio, including in-studio deployment widgets, one-click boilerplate starters, helpful guides, and a variety of example projects to inspire your next app.