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Vercel Dashboard Widget

By Robin Pyon

View your recent Vercel deployments and manually trigger builds directly from your Sanity dashboard.

Vercel Dashboard Widget (for Sanity)

View your recent Vercel deployments and manually trigger builds directly from your Sanity dashboard.



  • Displays a list of recent builds along with deployment aliases, branch / commit messages, build age and creator
  • Manually trigger deployments straight from your studio (via Vercel deploy hook URLs)
  • Display (and deploy) multiple projects at once
  • Customise the number of visible deployment line items
  • Automatically refreshes deployments periodically, as well as immediately after a manual build is triggered
  • Built with Sanity UI


In your Sanity project folder:

sanity install dashboard-widget-vercel

Configure your dashboard

If you haven't configured a dashboard yet:

sanity install @sanity/dashboard

In your studio's sanity.json append the following to plugins and parts:

"plugins": [
  // ...
"parts": [
  // ...
    "implements": "part:@sanity/dashboard/config",
    "path": "dashboardConfig.js"

In dashboardConfig.js, ensure that widgets includes the following:

export default {
  widgets: [
    // ...
      name: 'vercel',
      layout: {
        width: 'full', // full width is recommended!

Add a deployment target

Simply visit your Sanity dashboard and click the '+' icon in the top right to add a new deploment target.

You'll need to fill in the following:

Name (required)

The name assigned to a deployment target, used purely for presentational purposes in the dashboard.

Note that all deployment targets are sorted alphabetically.

Vercel Account Token (required)

This can be created in Vercel under Account > Settings > Tokens.

Vercel Project ID (required)

This can be retrieved via Vercel's API.

Vercel Team ID

Similar to project IDs, you can retrieve these via Vercel's API.

If your project is assigned to a team account, you must provide both team and project IDs.

Vercel Deploy Hook

The Vercel deploy hook URL used to trigger new builds.

Enabled a manual deployment button if provided.

These can be created in Vercel by going to Project > Settings > Git > Deploy Hooks.

Number of deploys to display (min: 1, max: 15) (required)

The number of deployments to display and fetch.

Good to know

Token security

When setting up new deployment targets, you're asked to provide your Vercel account token. It's important to know that your Vercel token provides unrestricted API access to your entire Vercel account.

Your Vercel token as well as all other deployment settings are stored Sanity under the namespaced document type vercel.deploymentTarget and by design, namespaced documents are not publicly accessible, even with a public dataset.

However, please note that this token is exposed to all authenticated users in your Sanity studio.

If you need to limit exposure of this token to authenticated studio users, consider using custom access control rules to limit access to documents of type vercel.deploymentTarget.

Deployment considerations

Please also keep the following in mind when manually deploying:

Triggering a Deploy Hook will not rebuild an existing deployment. Instead, it will create a new deployment using the latest source code available on the specified branch.

Currently, no build cache is used when triggering a Deploy Hook.

If you send multiple requests to deploy the same version of your project, previous deployments for the same Deploy Hook will be canceled to reduce build times.

More information on deploy hooks
Vercel rate limits


Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

Install command

sanity install dashboard-widget-vercel


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