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Sanity snippets for VS Code

By Henrique Doro

Speed up your development with snippets tailored for building schemas, queries and desk structures ✨ VS Code snippets

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A set of useful snippets to speed up your development. I've been using some of these snippets for 2.5 years now, and they drastically increase my capacity to deliver fast and precisely, hope you enjoy 😊

GIF showing a demo of the snippets in action - it creates an article schema in ~40s

The snippets available

Every snippets starts with either sanity(...) or groq(...), so you know they won't collide with your other snippets. They are enabled for Javascript & Typescript files, reach out if you need to enable them for other extensions.

  • Sanity Schema (sanitySchema): Create a simple schema for the CMS (document, object or image)
  • Sanity Field (sanityFld): Add a field to a sanity object / document
  • Sanity Custom Description (sanityDesc): Add a custom description to a field, document or object
  • Sanity Optional (sanityOptional): Add a cue that a field is optional
  • Sanity Optional Encouraged (sanityOptionalEncouraged): Add a cue that a field is optional, but encourage writing it
  • Sanity Tip description (sanityTip): Add a tip as a field's description
  • Sanity Fieldset (sanityFieldset): Add fieldsets to a sanity object / document
  • Sanity Collapse Field (sanityCollapse): Make a given object field collapsible to help editors scroll less through the document
  • Sanity Required (sanityRequired): Make a given field required
  • Sanity Array Validation (min & max) (sanityArrValidation): Validate an array field based on its length
  • Sanity Basic Array (sanityArrFld): Create a basic array field in Sanity
  • Sanity Basic Object (sanityObjFld): Create a basic object field in Sanity
  • Sanity Reference Field (sanityRefFld): Create a basic reference field in Sanity
  • Sanity Preview with Select (sanityPreviewSelect): Add a basic preview with selection object in Sanity
  • Sanity Preview with Select and Prepare (sanityPreviewSelectPrepare): Add a preview with selection object and prepare function in Sanity
  • Sanity Select Object (sanitySelect): Add a basic selection object for preview in Sanity
  • Sanity Prepare Function (sanityPrepare): Add a prepare function for preview in Sanity
  • GROQ block drafts constraint (groqDraftConstraint): Constraint for groq queries to prevent or limit to drafted documents
  • Component document view (sanityViewComponent): Add a view to a document with a React component
  • Structure document list (sanityDocList): Adds a listItem in your desk structure for custom document list. Perfect for filtering by document values or adding docs from multiple types

Feel free to contribute your snippets!

This is a work in progress

Your feedback is very much appreciated as long as it's respectful and inclusive :)


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