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Håvard Brynjulfsen

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By Håvard Brynjulfsen

Portfolio website and blog for Håvard Brynjulfsen, a front-end designer from Norway.

The site also has a dark mode feature
It's easier to blog about the stuff I find useful now that my content is in Sanity
An example of a blog post on the site
Screengrab of the editing experience inside Sanity Studio, in this case for a spesific blog post called "My CSS reset"
Screengrab of how I add meta tags to my website using string, text and image fields for meta title, meta description and og:image respectively
The Code Input plugin by Bjørge Næss helps me write code snippets for my blog posts

About the project

After having an online portfolio built with Eleventy (a static site generator) and Netlify CMS (an open source CMS built by a Netlify team) for three years I finally rewrote my site from the ground up with Sanity as my content editing software and (still) with Eleventy as a way to generate pages from the content stream.

I'm happy with the result. With Sanity now it's much easier and smoother to publish content, giving me an initiative to blog more and write about stuff that I find useful.

The code is on Github, if somebody would like to take a sneak peak behind the scenes.


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Håvard Brynjulfsen
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