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A revolutionary headless CMS, perfect for event management

A cutting-edge, headless CMS designed to revolutionize how you organize, manage, and deliver event experiences - with unmatched flexibility, real-time content updates and extensive integration capabilities.

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Sanity is ranked #1 out of 85 CMSes on G2

G2.com, the world's largest marketplace for software, has rated Sanity as the #1 leader in the Headless CMS category, as measured by customer review ratings and market presence

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BrightonSEO: Boosting Core Web Vitals and opening up new revenue streams

Moving off WordPress enabled the world’s largest SEO conference, BrightonSEO, to create a more engaging user experience, improve SEO, and introduce new locations faster.

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A portrait of Kelvin Newman

We'd outgrown our WordPress setup as our events grew and became more complex. Moving to a modern, future-proof headless solution using Sanity and Next.js means we move much faster with new initiatives. It only took two days to launch a new website for our first US conference!

Kelvin Newman · Founder at Rough Agenda (BrightonSEO)

Trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies

Event optimization features


Multiple team members can work on the same project simultaneously. This feature enables real-time updates and collaboration, making it ideal for coordinating complex events and ensuring all team members are aligned.


Businesses can define and customize content structures that match their specific needs. This flexibility is crucial for managing diverse event types and requirements efficiently.

Powerful APIs

Powerful APIs for querying, retrieving, and manipulating data. This allows event management businesses to seamlessly integrate their event data with other systems and platforms, enhancing workflow and accessibility.


Designed to handle high loads and complex queries, Sanity supports scalability. This is essential for large-scale enterprises that manage multiple, simultaneous events, ensuring smooth and reliable performance.

A portrait of Agustin Oligario

Sanity allows my team and I to host and manage our data and create valuable schemas for our services. We can quickly access staff records, blog entries, and event details within our Next.js application.

Agustin Oligario · Software Developer

Sanity enables you manage you event content at speed

High-quality, one-click translation

Sanity.'s AI Assist feature can be transformative for multilingual event management, streamlining content creation across languages. With one-click translations available directly within Sanity Studio, event management businesses can quickly customize event information and communications for diverse international audiences. This capability reduces the time and costs associated with managing multilingual content, ensuring that event details are delivered accurately and swiftly to attendees worldwide, thereby enhancing attendee experience and engagement.

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Pre-loaded with what editors want

Why wait for a best-in-class authoring experience—when Sanity already offers it from day 1. Get a fully loaded CMS offering: real-time collaboration, visual editing, live previews, on-demand image transforms, granular audit trail, and access control.

Empower your content teams to operate efficiently and securely, with the tools they need to manage sensitive information confidently—without the need for ongoing ad hoc support from developers.

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Dedicated service, focused on your success

Our dedicated team is focused on ensuring your events are a success. Say goodbye to the stress of an understaffed, overstretched team.

From the initial planning to post-event follow-up, you’ll have the same solutions engineer to guide every phase of your event's implementation. This includes decisions on architecture, migration, training, and continuous support. You'll also gain access to a dedicated Slack channel staffed by your team of Sanity experts—comprising a solutions engineer, support engineer, and account executive—ensuring seamless communication and expert guidance at every step.

A portrait of Bettina Donmez

There are so many exciting combinations that PUMA can create with Sanity. Now that we have a structure, it’s infinitely scalable.

Bettina Donmez · E-Commerce Platform Development

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