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Ben's headline: Recovering WordPress leader, proud Sanity investor.

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Ben's location: San Francisco, CA
Joined: June 2020
Ben's job title: Founder and General Partner

CMS geek by training and trade - began my career as part of the small team that built and maintained the custom CMS that powered the BBC News Website (2000-2006, Apple WebObjects/ObjectiveC).

Responsible for launching blogs at the BBC via SixApart's Movable Type while in my spare time I was an early user of B2 followed by B2 Evolution. Realized I was on the wrong fork and jumped over to the other fork called "WordPress".

Fast forward a few years later, decided to build "Heroku for WordPress" with Jason Cohen which we dubbed "WP Engine" and the rest is history.

Today I remain a fan of WordPress but architecturally it's out of date and backed into a corner it can't get out of due to the need to remain compatible with such a huge installbase. There will never be a node based WordPress 2.0 based on a graph database - it's a different project.

I believe ever more in the power of headless which brought me to falling in love with Sanity. As the guy from Remington once said - "I loved the company so much I bought (part of) the company."

I am a proud investor, advisor and champion of Sanity.