Profile page of Magnus Hillestad

Magnus's headline: CEO and Co-founder of Sanity

Magnus's email:
Magnus's location: San Francisco Bay Area
Joined: December 2017
Magnus's job title: CEO & Co-founder

Magnus is a recovering finance professional turned n00b developer. He started learning to code as a passion project on the side of a long standing career in private equity and consulting. He became so convinced of technology's importance to the future of work that he quit his job to pursue it in earnest. He met his co-founders Simen, Even and Øyind shortly thereafter, and the rest is history. Now, Magnus leads Sanity as a co-founder and CEO.

Drawing from his 17 years of experience counseling business executives through industry shifts and trends, he now shepherds Sanity's global customer base through the digital transformation of content.

Magnus lives in Oakland, California with his wife and two rock trolls. He loves to build random LEGO sets and make fish tacos with his kids, as well as explore the California river delta.