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NEWS · April 2nd 2019

Our team is growing. Welcome Radhe, Jacob, Jørn and Rune!

We are so happy to announce four new team members joining!

Magnus Hillestad

Magnus is CEO and co-founder of

Since our November 2017 launch we have experienced strong growth in our user base and our community. Building a community of developers who love using Sanity when working with content is at the very top of our list – and something we constantly work on!

Building a strong team is a prerequisite for creating strong user experiences. It gives us the resources to keep on creating an engaging product that we communicate clearly. We are therefore pleased to announce four new hires – four passionate individuals that add great new drive, perspectives and skills to our team, continue to develop our culture and that will contribute to move us forward, bringing the best of Sanity to our user community.

If you would like to consider joining our team, take a look at our open positions.

Welcoming: Radhe Kishan, Jacob Løvenskiold, Jørn Knutsen, Rune Botten

Radhe Kishan is joining Sanity from Coindelta, a startup in New Delhi, India, where he worked as engineering manager. He has an impressive structured mindset and strong backend development skills, as well as experience in site reliability. Joining the backend team, he will be working on our real-time content store. An Indian national, he has relocated from New Delhi to Oslo.

Jacob Løvenskiold joins Sanity from the Madrid office of the GP Bullhound, a leading technology investment bank. With impressive drive, structure and communication skills, Jacob will work as Business Developer. He will be responsible for developing the processes and the communication towards users who have more advanced requirements from Sanity. A Norwegian national, Jacob has relocated from Madrid to Oslo to join

Jørn Knutsen is an experienced designer and developer, and joins after being a close friend of Sanity for years. He holds a PhD in Interaction Design and is currently Associate Professor at Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He is also co-founder of Voy design studio, where he has made award winning digital products on Sanity. Jørn will work on improving our ability to communicate how to use Sanity, as well as helping community and customers build great things.

Rune Botten is a senior developer and who joins Sanity with substantial experience from working with sizable Norwegian companies. Rune will predominantly work with larger Sanity customers as well as with the developer community, helping on broader architectural questions and content strategies as well as general communication to the community. A Norwegian national, Rune will be working in Oslo but spend a significant part of his time in San Francisco when Sanity opens US-office this coming summer. Rune starts full time during April.