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Profile page of David Eglin

David's headline: Technology director @ Active Matter.

David's email: david@activematter.co
David's website: djegl.in
David's location: Birmingham, UK
Joined: January 2019
David's job title: Technology Director
David is Available for work

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David Eglin
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I've been working with Sanity for upwards of a couple of years now. I've built agency websites, real-time multi-user apps and client demos using it. I'm currently using Sanity to power both website content management and quote options and pricing for a client here in the UK.

I work as Technology Director for Active Matter, where I spend some of my time overseeing projects developed by others, some of my time researching and some time actually developing projects, usually using HTML, CSS, JS and Sanity for a data-layer. Working for a design and innovation agency, obviously I am passionate about good design and driving user experiences forward.

I can often be seen hanging out in the community Slack help channel, trying to help answer questions and asking annoying ones myself! The community around Sanity is great, and I love being able to help other developers get the most out of Sanity.

Outside of work time, I can usually be found watching too much YouTube, playing D&D via Zoom with my friends, or drinking (a probably unwise amount) of wine.